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"Mr. Mosse's real gift, though, is to draw performances out of actors. All season long I've been marvelling at what he's been able to find that other directors haven't."

--Jackie Demaline, Cincinnati Enquirer


Only when we challenge our assumptions are we able to grow. Let us strive to captivate and surprise, to rend and to astonish.


I’ve directed over 55 pieces in the United States and abroad, and worked closely for 10 years with seminal performance theorist, Richard Schechner, developing international new work. Our co-directed production of Imagining O The New York Times raved as "immersive theater with a purpose" and was one of their 2014 best of New York theater "Stage Memories" selections.


I am fascinated by frontiers -- geographical, cultural, emotional. I’ve traveled extensively to over 95 countries, exploring the different artistic practices of other cultures.  My work showcases a multicultural ethos of artists and influences from around the world. 


I’ve been artistic director of three companies, and founded the pre-professional certificate program at CCM Prep. I received my BS from Northwestern University, MA in Performance Studies from NYU and my MFA in Directing from Yale School of Drama.


"Director Benjamin Mosse embraces the space… Emerging from the hour-long work was like coming out of a dream.”

-- WQXR: Operavore, Olivia Giovetti


A theatre for the 21st century. 

Intercultural and interdisciplinary, ours is to challenge the way we see the world.



 From corporate presentations and auditions to public speaking and interviews, an extra pair of eyes can help you succeed. 



The New York Times

“Imagining O” is a rewrite, and it is powerful.


Thanks to Padmanabhan's lyrical language, director Benjamin Mosse's pacing and humor, and a solid cast, HARVEST is a fascinating, funny, and frightening glimpse of what happens when we commodify human beings.

[PITCH] is an intriguing and generally engaging performance work that provides plenty of food for thought. Benjamin Mosse ... has overseen the creation of a cohesive and pertinent piece of theatre art.


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